About P. D. Griffith

This blog was created to provide my personal perspective (POV) on the subjects for which I have a strong passion. Those passions may number in an excessive amount, but I tend to discuss film, television, entertainment, books, food, music, and the writing/publishing process (I’m the author/publisher of The Chronicles of Landon Wicker: The Search for Artemis which is available in ebook and paperback).

About P. D. Griffith:

P. D. (Patrick Dillon) Griffith was born in May 1986 in the United States and grew up in Bradenton, Fla. where he went to Southeast High School. Patrick left Bradenton in 2004 to attend Florida State University, where he earned a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. Following a summer backpacking through Europe, he moved to Evanston, Ill. in 2008 and attended the Integrated Marketing Communications program at the Medill School of Journalism of Northwestern University.

After earning his Masters of Science he moved to Denver, Colo. to start his career. He wrote the first chapter of The Chronicles of Landon Wicker: The Search for Artemis during the summer of 2009, and over the next six months, outlined the plot and nuances of the Landon Wicker world.

Once settled in Colorado, Patrick went to work creating his first novel during his off-hours over the next several months. Patrick has a longstanding passion for the action-adventure and young adult genres and loves the art of storytelling. Also an avid television and cinema fanatic, he takes his knowledge and understanding of the film industry and uses that to create a vibrant literary world in which the reader can immerse.

Now for a classified section: I enjoy coffee and Diet Sunkist, movies (of all genres, especially those that make you think), books (also of all genres, but I am a sucker for the classics), miscellaneous art projects, long walks on the beach, fine dining, a good glass of wine, and a sappy, sex-ridden romance novel (not really). My secret hobby is botany. I don’t know why, but many people think it is nerdy to have a favorite form of photosynthesis. I think everyone should have a favorite.

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