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Iron Chef: Bisquick

With my General Mills residency interview about a week in the past, I decided to put that horror aside and get the Bisquick out of the cupboard. Out of the countless recipes in my arsenal, I decided to make deliciously Southern Chicken and Dumplings (recipe at end of post). Now as any Bisquick connoisseur would know, you cannot eat chicken and dumplings alone, so I invited Liz and Don to come over and partake in its awesomeness. And I must say, it was delicious. Accompanying them were FruitSource Wild Berry gummies and a delicious red and a white…Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice that is. (I must treat my body like a temple.)

Needless to say, it was a lovely evening of “wholesome” entertainment consisting of good food, good conversation and good people.

Chicken and Dumplings

4 chicken breasts
1 box of chicken stock
1 medium onion
3 stalks of celery
3 carrots
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon flour
Pinch of McCormick’s Monterey Chicken Seasoning

2  1/4 cups Bisquick
2/3 cups milk

Coarsely chop onion, celery and carrots. In a large pot, melt the 2 tbsp butter and saute the onion and celery approximately 2 minutes or until soft. Add flour and stir until it has coated the vegetables. Add carrots, chicken, chicken stock and seasoning. Stir to combine all ingredients and cook on simmer 10 minutes. While chicken is cooking, mix the Bisquick and milk in a bowl with a fork until a soft dough forms and set aside. After the timer goes off, add small “balls” of the dumpling dough to the chicken mixture, dropping them onto the top of the broth. After all the dumplings have been placed in the pot, cook for 10 minutes uncovered and then 10 minutes covered. Now you have delicious chicken and dumplings.

Time to prepare: approximately 35 minutes.
Serves 4

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