Landon Wicker Book Series

The Chronicles of Landon Wicker is a young adult action-adventure book series created by P. D. Griffith and centers on the life of Landon Wicker after he discovers he possess psychokinetic abilities:

Books in the series:


The Search for Artemis (Book 1):

released 06.01.2011

Forced into a life where people don’t just see — but control — the world around them and where teenagers lift city buses with a thought, Landon struggles to accept his new reality and the guilt over his painful secret. He finds solace, however, in the company of hundreds of psychokinetics like him when he’s brought to the Gymnasium. But everything changes when a chance encounter with a mysterious girl propels him on a hunt for answers. Uncovering dark truths the Gymnasium would do anything to keep hidden, Landon must choose where his loyalties lie.

Will Landon accept his past—and his future? Will he discover the truth? What’s hidden in the Restricted Tower, and who is Artemis?

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