On the Oscars: The Red Carpet

So the 81st Academy Awards began with a bang and people definitely showed up dressed to impress, and some were trying but I believe they missed the mark.

Now there were definitely some trends that could easily be noticed. Quite a few women were sporting one-shoulder numbers, champagne/cream seemed to be a popular color for both the women and the men (mmhmm Mickey Rourke) and embellishment is obviously in (look at Marisa Tomei)…

Now for my worst dressed, we have…


Worst Dressed - Beyonce

Worst Dressed - Beyonce

What was she thinking? She looks like a 1970s Chinese restaurant gone awry.

Miley Cyrus

Worst Dressed - Miley Cyrus

Worst Dressed - Miley Cyrus

She made a good attempt but she looks like a deranged Thumbelina, and why is she there? Does she really consider herself an actress?

And my final one..

Mickey Rourke

Worst Dressed - Mickey Rorick

Worst Dressed - Mickey Rourke

Now he’s looking all sorts of crazy. I guess someone had to take the place of Johnny Depp. The cream suit just seems wrong for the Oscars, better for the Grammy’s maybe and I cannot figure out what that metal thing on his hip is. It looks like a spit bucket.

Now for the best dressed.

Amy Adams

Best Dressed - Amy Adams

Best Dressed - Amy Adams

She was looking amazing in that crimson dress, it fits her skin tone and the occassion.

Ann Hathaway

Best Dressed: Ann Hathaway

Best Dressed - Ann Hathaway

She was looking stunning in that Armani Prive gown. Now for this Oscar pool we had to guess Ann Hathaway’s dress color as the tie-breaker and I totally guessed champagne.

Marisa Tomei

Best Dressed - Marisa Tomei

Best Dressed - Marisa Tomei

She said when interviewed on the red carpet that she was a little worried because she didn’t get the dress until that morning, but all that stress was totally worth it. The detail of the dress is exquisite, the color is perfect for her, and she looks amazing. She is the apotheosis of my earlier analysis–one shoulder, cream colored, and embellished.

Now wait and I will give my take on the ceremony itself.

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One thought on “On the Oscars: The Red Carpet

  1. Jaymoo says:

    Zac Effron….kill me now. Also, what was the Twilight guy doing there? Newsflash – your movie sucked and you are creepy looking.

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