On Friday: Dollhouse

DollhouseEp. “True Believer”

This week’s Dollhouse episode revolved around Echo infiltrating a creepy cult to rescue a woman being held against her will and to find out if there are any “unsavory” operations going on inside. To do this, Echo is imprinted with a blind, religious woman and was given an “upgrade.” Upgrade: a pair of cameras surgically placed in her eyes so that although she is blind, the agents outside the compound can see what is going on. Echo ends up finding an arsenal of weapons locked inside the complex.

Also, Agent Ballard gets closer to finding out about Dollhouse when Alpha sends him a DVD showing footage of Echo prior to her becoming an active. On top of that, Ballard sees Echo on the news when footage of the raid on the cult compound is broadcast. Of course, he arrives a few minutes too late and Echo is returned to the Dollhouse.

Now one of the funniest parts of the episode was when Topher and Dr. Saunders have to figure out what is going on with Victor’s apparent “man reaction” problem. The question is what are the implications of this “condition” for the actives? It seems that as the show progresses, Echo isn’t the only one malfunctioning.

What happens in the Attic?

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