On Blogging about TV

I don’t know if I have any active readers out there, but when I started to really get involved in my blog, I was trying to write my perspective on every show I watched that night. At the time, I was a student and my lifestyle allowed for me to take the time to write the reviews. In the end, writing reviews of 4-7 shows a night was too much for me to handle in addition to my life, which is what caused me to basically quit. Now, I am in the working world and have less time. In fact, I now have to watch some shows days after they air, which KILLS me.

But I plan on returning to blogging as often as possible. When I was actively posting, I received quite a few very encouraging comments and I don’t want to disappoint. It definitely will not cover as many shows each night, but I will pick out those few that really stuck out to me and say what I think. There are some great shows that have joined the world of TV and I want to talk about them, damn it.

2 thoughts on “On Blogging about TV

  1. Caitlin says:

    Look who is back!!!

  2. Liz Wortley says:

    yeah! You’re back in the blogging world … and just in time, too! GLEE starts next week 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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