On Charlie Sheen

I normally like to devote my blog to a somewhat objective review of media, be that television, movies, books or music, but having seen the Today show interview with Charlie Sheen, I felt motivated to voice my opinion on the matter.

For years I have been…indifferent concerning Charlie Sheen. I don’t generally watch Two and a Half Men and aside from Wall Street, I cannot think of a movie he is in that I can outright say I’m a huge fan of. But given all the recent publicity surrounding him and his drunken, drug-filled benders, I found myself culturally obligated to become somewhat informed on the matter. As such, I watched his interview on the Today show, which aired on 2.28.2011.

My conclusion: Charlie Sheen is without a doubt certifiably insane and an unapologetic elitist. I understand that he has had to deal with an exorbitant amount of public/media attention over the past weeks, but that does not excuse him of his deplorable behavior. However, I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that he was going to fight CBS with “zeal, focus, and violent hatred” and that the network was dealing with a “warlock” who as “tiger blood and Adonis DNA.”

I was less amused, however, by Sheen’s belief that he is solely responsible for the success of Two and a Half Men. He said that “for the past ten years, [he’s] magically and effortlessly converted [Chuck Lorre’s] tin cans into pure gold.” First, Chuck Lorre has had numerous sitcom successes beyond Two and a Half Men so obviously Charlie Sheen isn’t a requirement to turn his “tin cans” into “pure gold.” Lorre’s Big Bang Theory, which also airs on CBS, has provided ample success and it airs days away from Sheen.

Also, he made a comment about the public that for lack of a better word infuriated me. He said that people could find their “most comfortable chair in their small house and enjoy the show.” Well to you, Charlie Sheen, I would say that those little people in their little houses with their comfortable chairs are the people who made your show a success in the first place, and it wouldn’t hurt to find a bit of humility and appreciation for the people who provided you with the millions of dollars you are squandering away on drugs and alcohol and prostitutes.

To conclude, before all of this Charlie Sheen hullabaloo, I was indifferent, after seeing him in an interview, I now intend to boycott all films or television shows that contains his arrogant, unapologetic mug.

I apologize for my highly opinionated rant, but things will be back to normal soon as I have a book and a film review in the pipeline.

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