On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & True Beauty

Let’s start this with, I watch a lot of television. Most people I know have about two or three shows they watch religiously, whereas watching two or three shows would probably be a slow night for me.

Chuck Ep. “Chuck Versus the Best Friend”

So I have watched Chuck since the beginning and it has definitely had it’s ups and downs, but this week–with white phosphorous tennis ball grenades, mint knock-out Banaka, Buy More spy tactics, wedding planning and lonely Morgan–Chuck seemed to be in many places this week. Of course this show always attempts to humorously show the turmoils of Chuck maintaining his “work/life balance;” however, this time it seemed that dealing with the Triad trying to kill the ambassador (work) was an afterthought.  I would say that the Rolls-Royce versus Nerd Herd hybrid car chase with cuts to lady-on-lady combat was pretty entertaining  though. In the end, Anna and Morgan are back together (awwwh), Chuck and Sarah are starting to really connect (AWWWH!) and let’s not deny it, Jeffster needs to start touring.

HeroesEp. “Chapter 4: Cold Wars”

I am what one may call a Heroes fan. I watch the webisodes and, no matter how good or bad the season is, I await every Monday night with bated breath to see what might happen next with the Man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses or the powered people (Hiro, Peter, Matt, Claire, Mohinder, etc). I have so far found “Vol. 4: Fugitives” to be quite engaging. I wonder if part of that can be attributed to Bryan Fuller’s return to the show as a consultant.

This week they decided to show us how Noah started working with Nathan following the events of  Vol. 3. Maybe they are trying to make us not despise him like we did in Vol. 1. Of course they go with the sentimental “dad will do anything to save his daughter” bit, but I don’t think it makes him any less of a monster. He is destroying people’s lives rather than fighting against the injustices of the operation. You would think that after all the time that has passed since season 1 he would finally care about more people than Claire. And are they implying that he joined Nathan’s operation because he was bored? Quote: “I can only do so many crossword puzzles.”

All in all, this chapter wasn’t the most exciting of the volume but it did let the audience see the events that transpired over the two month gap since Vol. 3’s finale. It also let us see that Matt Parkman is not as noble as he was portrayed in previous seasons. His telepathic interrogation of Noah was sometimes disturbing to watch. And I do like that Daphne is alive and there are definitely some intriguing twists at the end that I can’t wait to understand.

P.S. – I love that Dante Basco (Rufio from the 1991 movie Hook) is the comic store clerk in the TurboTax/NBC commercial during Heroes.

True BeautyEp. “Finale”

To tell the truth, I don’t know why I watch this show, but now after watching the whole season, I had to find out who wins and gets their photo in People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue. With this show, I think the most difficult thing to get past is the horribly scripted judges. Rather than giving an in depth commentary, I think I will just give you all the highlights and the winner.

1. Sound effect: goop goop sound when Julia talks about the amount of eyelash glue she has used to cover up her eyelash extensions
2. Sound effect: ching sound when Joel smiled at the People editor and guess judge, Jess Cagle
3. Joel Rush telling Jess Cagle that the question of where he was from was easy but then forgetting to answer the question. AWKWARD!
4. Gloopy, oil-covered, seminude photo shoot
5. Final three staring at a stack of chocolates trying to figure out that they are supposed to go downstairs. Turn the letter over, nincompoops!
6. The men deciding that they had to cry in the Hall of Beauty to get up to par with Julia’s heartfelt confession the night before.

And the winner is…

Winner of True Beauty - Julia Anderson

Winner of True Beauty - Julia Anderson

I also watched The Bachelor (“Women Tell All” episode) and TNT’s new series, Trust Me (which is seriously under-rated) but I think this blog entry is getting too long.

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2 thoughts on “On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & True Beauty

  1. true Beauty Winner says:

    This week, 40 Miss Texas contestants and 38 Miss Teen Texas contestants competed in Heck, even if we don’t win, let’s go to Vegas together,” Julia Anderson, Miss Grapevine
    Rebecca Robinson, Miss Longview 200 8 with Julia Anderson, Miss Grapevine 2008. Rebecca and Tara have both held the title of Miss Teen Texas.

    Related story on True Beauty Winner

  2. Joe says:

    for true beauty, I honestly was hoping Billy the vitamin salesman would win, but still, Julia is undeniably gorgeous (inside and out of course)

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