On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & The Bachelor

Monday is always an exciting day. No matter the promo, I cannot wait for Chuck and Heroes to air on NBC. On top of that, there is the season finale of The Bachelor where Jason Mesnick picks his future wife. YAY MONDAY!

ChuckEp. “Chuck Versus the Beefcake”

I am starting to get frustrated with the entire Chuck/Sarah relationship. I think Sarah is HOT! I also think that for the show, the tension between Sarah and Chuck is really sweet, and all I want is to have them really be together. I understand the whole don’t-mix-work-and-pleasure bit, but come on, let the man have some. And back off MI-6 agent, you can not “butter her muffin!”

Best Quote: “Come with me if you want to live.” The minute I heard it, I couldn’t help but think of the Govern-ator saying it, and then laugh incessantly. Oh, Arnold!

The torture scene was hilarious. I mean to watch Chuck whine over the chains, also know as the “pre-torture,” made me laugh out loud. Also the numerous little one-liners throughout the scene just helped the comedy.

In the end, Chuck and Sarah are moving in together! As a means of 24-hour protective custody of course.

HeroesEp. “Exposed”

One thing I liked about this episode was that Claire’s mom finally shows she isn’t some crazy woman with a dog named Mr. Muggles. She proves to Claire that she a savvy woman who’s extremely observant and smarter than expected. I wish she would show me that fake ID trick, haha. I could make a fortune!

Also, does anyone love the cheesy head-tilt thing that Peter and Matt use while they are “pushing thoughts” as much as I do? For some reason it makes me laugh every time. And of course, their Daphne rescue operation goes horribly wrong and Matt Parkman is taken into custody. In the same storyline, Peter is shot and then rescued by Nathan and the video of the government operation is leaked. It looks like Nathan and the government have a lot of work to do to keep the nature of the operation under wraps.

Is anyone else with me in wanting Sylar’s storyline to pick up? I want him to stop being this, “where’s my father?” person with a chip on his shoulder and kick some ass like he did in the older seasons. I initially really hated Sylar, which I imagine many people around the globe did, but as seasons progressed, I slowly have developed an understanding of him. I think you never approve of his actions, but you understand his motivation so his actions aren’t surprising. Kind of like an accepted evil. Also, how does Sylar’s father have the same murdering MO? Sylar had to steal that power to cut open people’s heads. Where did the father get it?!

Good episode, not the best. I hope this one picks up like the Chapter 3 did in the Fall.

The BachelorEp. “The Final Rose”

So I haven’t had a chance to watch this finale yet but I did find out who Jason Mesnik picked as his “future wife.” There is some speculation as to how she will adjust to her new life in Washington and to being the new woman in Ty’s life, but here she is…

Molly - Jason's Future Wife?

Molly - Jason's Future Wife?

I will give my actual commentary after I watch the episode this afternoon. I must say I was a big fan of Jillian and was really depressed that she didn’t get the final rose. So at this point I really didn’t care who he picked.

As a side note, I purchased Guitar Hero: World Tour yesterday. We will have to see if this has an affect on my TV habits and postings in the future. Only time will tell. All I know is that I will be rockin’ out like it’s my job!

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One thought on “On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & The Bachelor

  1. Katie says:

    Yay! Chuck was awesome. I agree. The promos for next week piss me off though. I was hoping MI-6 agent would be gone a little longer. He’s unattractive, and lecherous.

    Heroes … Agreed. Claire’s mom kicks ass.

    Actually, Patrick, I agree with most of your opinions of Monday night. More proof that we are the same person with different genitalia.

    Crap. I forgot to mock you – reality TV? Really, Patrick? Really? Although you are not alone in promoting the decline of western civilization, and my beloved scripted television, I still choose to blame you. You suck – Love, Katie

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