On Friday: Dollhouse

DollhouseEp. “Grey Hour”

There is an aspect about this show that I really find fascinating. Basically, just like real life experiments, the Dollhouse organization truly doesn’t know the long term effects of their process on their “actives” and that they are learning about their patterns and behaviors while we, the audience, are.

This episode was a pretty good one. In it Echo is turned into a master burglar in charge of an antiquities heist. The part that made the episode interesting, however, was when Echo is remotely wiped and enters her “tabula raza” state while locked inside the vault. I have to give Eliza Dusku props because she did a great job at shifting acting personas so easily. In the end, she obviously gets out of the vault (thanks to a smoke bomb) and returned to the Dollhouse wiped clean of her robbery exploits.

It turns out that Echo’s wipe is traced back to the rogue “active,” Alpha. The upper management of the Dollhouse told the other workers that Alpha was taken care of after he massacred a number of people and then broke out of the complex, but as an audience, we have know that it was a lie for a while. Topher realizes Alpha’s involvement in the incident and, as such, receives a higher security clearance. Only time will tell if we get to learn more.

I think as the show progresses, there is going to be one big problem. As of now, the only characters the audience care about are Echo and her handler, Boyd. Characters like Topher, Victor, Peter and Sierra are not seen enough to really make anyone care if something happened to them. Although after this week, I think they may start working on this.

Great episode. Great show. Great end to the long week.

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