On Saturday: Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the SeekerEp. “Hartland”

In this episode, Richard and Kahlan return to the Hartland to help defeat the forces of Darken Rahl who have taken over their town. When they arrive, they find out that Richard’s brother is working alongside the Viceroy, who is controlling the township.

While they are there, Anna (Rickard’s old love interest) was working to uncover the disappearance of her brother and, with the help of Richard, find out that he, along with a large group of villagers, has been captured by the Daharans and then fed to the Gars (winged creatures) that plague the forest. Richard, Kahlan, Anna and Chase, now with the help of Richard’s brother, defeat the Daharans and use Kahlan’s confession ability to have a message sent to Darken Rahl. As of now, Darken Rahl believes the Seeker is dead!

Also, Chase discovers that his wife and children have been transported to a Keep in the Midlands that is guarded by powerful magic. The Seeker, Kahlan and Chase now move towards their location with the boundary sealed once more. It looks like there is no returning home for any of them.

So this episode was a good one and the plot to destroy Darken Rahl progressed nicely. The one thing that I don’t know if anyone else thought about what the timing. Did anyone realize that Chase somehow caught up with Richard and Kahlan after they had been travelling for what seemed to be weeks (maybe months) towards Darken Rahl, and then, they were all able to return to the Hartland, negating the weeks of travel for the quest, in a seemingly short period of time? So, basically, Richard and Kahlan have moved back to square one in their quest. Right?!

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