On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & Castle

So first I apologize again for delaying my commentary on these shows. The Finance final went pretty well today so taking the time away from television for a night was probably worth it, but I hope to not do that again.

ChuckEp. “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon”

So this week Chuck had to deal with the aftermath of the MI-6 Agent Cole Barker getting abducted in last week’s episode. Well, there is one perk to it for Chuck; he gets to live with Sarah until the threat is removed. Lucky bastard!

The one issue I have with this episode is that they brought Agent Barker back so quickly. I mean let the pot stew for a minute or two.  Also, there is something off with the guy; he is just too calm and too spy.” Something’s going to happen where he ends up not being who he says.

In general, the episode is about securing the safety of Chuck with Agent Barker’s knowledge of him being the Intersect as well as finding a FULCRUM scientist codenamed Perseus, the mastermind behind their attempts to rebuild the new Intersect. In the end, Perseus is killed, Chuck and Sarah don’t move in together, Agent Barker leaves, Morgan and Anna are moving in together, and we find out that Chuck is trying to find a way to remove the Intersect from his head. He has a new lead…ORION

Last thing, did anyone realize the great Karate Kid quote they used throughout the epsidoe?…”Sweep the leg!”


Ep. “Chapter Six: Shades of Gray”

So here’s the lowdown. Clair takes on a cover job at a comic book store so that they can then help the “rebel.” But by the end of the episode, her “free pass” expires and the forces of the government go to take her; however, in a surprising twist, Nathan flies to California and saves her.

The majority of the episode revolved around Nathan and Sylar.

Nathan’s plot dealt with him trying to oust Danko, who straps explosives to Matt Parkman’s body and puts him outside of the US Capital Building. Nathan comes to help Matt disarm the bomb and the “fallout” is what instigate the rest of the episode. It was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back in the Nathan-Danko conflict.

So the strange part about the bomb scene was this. It was obvioulsy supposed to be a high tension situation (drugged Matt Parkman, explosives, Washington D.C., Nathan, impending death of two “heroes”); however, for some reason I really didn’t care. I was watching it and usually a scene like that would have my heart racing to see how it ends, but in this case, I was just like “whatev.” It is an issue that after 3 seasons of a show, I feel completely indifferent to the possible death of two of its main characters.

Sylar now finds his father, Samson Gray (played by John Glover). Now I don’t know if you are a Smallville fan, but in the episode, Samson makes a reference an epic battle between a father and a son ending in the death of the father and how it never happens that way. I am not sure if the writers realized this when they wrote it, but the funny thing about the comment is that John Glover’s last role was as Lionel Luthor in Smallville and he WAS murdered by Lex Luthor (his son) as a conclusion to an epic battle between father and son. Oh, the irony! I don’t know I thought it was hilariously ironic. The rest of their plot dealt with Sylar learning a bit more about his power and the futility of it. Also, Samson and Sylar have a fight in the house resulting in Sylar leaving his dying “father.”

That’s it for Heroes.

CastleEp. “Flowers for Your Grave”

Alright so this is the first episode of the new ABC series, Castle, and I have been eagerly anticipating this one. I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion from Firefly and the concept of this show looked awesome.

Here’s the rundown. There is a best-selling mystery novelist, Richard Castle, who is not the most law-abiding of citizens and somewhat of a chauvinist. He is dealing with writer’s block after he decided to kill off the main character of his widely successful book series. Enter Kate Beckett, a hardened, control-freak NYPD detective dedicated to her work. She is working on a case dealing with a copy-cat killer who’s reenacting the murders in Castle’s books. Castle then goes on as a consultant for the investigation while he searches for inspiration for his next book. The case is closed by the end of the episode and Castle found his inspiration…it’s Kate. Now he needs to do research.

As a private note, I thought the show, even though it is supposed to be a drama, was hilarious. The scene where Castle is playing pocker with other mystery novelists, like James Patterson, was hysterical. Also, the romantic chemistry between Castle and Beckett is going to be very interesting as the show progresses.

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