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On Monday: Chuck, Castle and Gossip Girl

Ep. “Chuck vs. the Other Guy”

After last week, I was dying to see this episode. Turns out Sarah was the killer of Shaw’s wife, and he wants revenge! Following a rather heartwarming and hilarious side mission where Chuck attempts to rescue Sarah from Shaw, the episode is littered with great moments. Morgan and Big Mike have two heart-to-hearts as Morgan decides to quit the Buy More and then return to the Buy More (scenes made all the better by the corny soap opera music in the background). Heartbroken Chuck goes all Intersect on Morgan and hog ties him with video game controller cables, and Casey gets “buy-mored.”

And to top it all off, the last 20 minutes were AMAZING! Shaw is actually working for the Ring and kidnaps Sarah, bringing her to the spot in Paris where she killed his wife. Chuck and Casey pursue in hopes to reach her in time and capture the Ring Director. Chuck and Shaw fight, leading to Chuck losing and Shaw taking Sarah to be thrown into the Seine river. In the end, Chuck actually kills Shaw by shooting him three times in the chest; therefore, actually completing his spy training (referring to previous episode) and saving Sarah. Casey is reinstated as an agent, Morgan joins Team Bartowski and Sarah and Chuck get it on in Paris (finally!).

I need this show to be renewed! I love it and fans love it, but the ratings are starting to slip. I think this week got a bit of a bump, but it is right on the cusp of what NBC would considered renewable viewership. Now, with a three wee hiatus, I fear for the shows survival. Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! It is only the best thing on TV on Mondays. What are you watching Dancing with the Stars? Ugh.

Ep. “Wrapped Up in Death”

I love this show. Every week I look forward to the new adventures of Beckett and Castle, and they never seem to disappoint.

In this week’s episode, Beckett investigates the mysterious murder of an assistant curator, who has recently discovered the tomb of a notorious Mayan king. This leads to hilariously juvenile excitement on Castle’s part, as he gets to go to the museum and see all the cool ancient stuff. It turns out that the staff are blaming the curse of the Mayan king as the reason for the curator’s death. It says that all those who look upon the face of the king are doomed to die. Unfortunately, Castle’s curious sensibilities lead him to seeing mentioned king’s face before hearing about the curse. This is what made the episode. Watching Castle cope with his looming death was priceless, especially since Beckett and the team pull a few pranks on him to sweeten the situation. Loved it. It always seems to be the best thing before bed.

Ep. “Inglourious Bassterds”

I still feel guilty every time I watch this show. I shouldn’t like it, as I am a man, but something about it draws me in. Anyways, my man-pride aside. I enjoyed the episode. It was Nate’s birthday and Serena was throwing him an “Assassin” party. I have never played Assassin, but now I am hoping that I can get a game going in the very near future. Apart from that, Dan and Vanessa’s relationship continues to have it’s bumps and bruises as they work out the differences between a friendship and romantic entanglement. Also, Vanessa is apparently applying to the Tisch School for the Arts at NYU as well, and she hasn’t told Dan (GASP!). After last week episode, where Jenny gets ruffied and saved by Nate, Jenny is how gungho on stealing Nate from Serena (oy vey) and she steals a kiss with him during Assassin.

On the Bass side, Jack and Chuck continue to have a pissing contest in relation to the Empire Hotel, and it turns out that Chuck manipulates Blair into “sleeping” with Jack to get the hotel back. In the end, Chuck has his hotel, but does he have Blair anymore?

Sidebars: Dorota and Vanya get engaged and Eric finds a new love interest in a mysterious man from the lobby.

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On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & Castle

ChuckEp. “Chuck Versus the Predator”

This week, Chuck continued his search for Orion and found him. The entire episode centered around attempting to make contact with Orion. FULCRUM wanted to capture him, the US government wanted to retain him, Chuck desperately wanted to talk to him; needless to say, the man was popular. In the end, Orion was killed after he sent a Predator airship to his location to blow him up in a helicopter after he was abducted by FULCRUM. However, before his death, Orion sent chuck a DVD with a last message and schematics for the new Intersect. Apparently, there is a way for the Intersect to be extracted from Chuck’s mind, but Chuck now believes he is the only one who is truly trying to make it happen. Also, after the General comes to Burbank, it seems that we can look forward to Chuck entering spy training…potentially. It seems they have realized after all this time that Chuck should become more aware of how to be a spy beyond freaking out in high-stress situations.

CANCELLATION WARNING: Apparenlty, Chuck has entered a small list of shows that critics are saying is in serious trouble of not being renewed for next year. What?! DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!! I love this show and so should everyone else. Make sure to watch it…or else!

HeroesEp. “Chapter Seven: Cold Snap”

So I really enjoyed this week’s episode, and I can say that during the show I totally called it that Hiro would get his power back. The minute I saw that Baby Mat Parkman was able to turn on the TV I went, “The baby is going to give Hiro his power back! I mean think about, the baby ‘powers’ the TV, so it isn’t just electrical appliances.” And as the episode continued, you could see that Hiro had never actually touched the baby’s skin so my theory just got stronger, until the baby brushes Hiro’s face and he is able to stop all the government agents and get Hiro, Baby Matt Parkman and Ando out of the house intact.

In other news, Tracy escaped the government facility with Suresh, Parkman and Daphne with the help of Rebel. The issue was that the agency somewhat let her escape to see if they could be led to Rebel. In the end, Rebel turns out to Micah! I was somewhat shocked, but it made total sense. Also, Micah is able to turn Tracy from the heartless, selfish bitch she is to someone who actually cares about the “cause,” and in an awesome scene where she turns to ice and freezes an entire parking garage, she allows Micah to escape and obviously fake her death.

Can’t wait for next week!

CastleEp. “Hedge Fund Homeboys”

This episode dealt with a case where a prep school boy was killed in the park and the uncovering of a complicated life of drugs, sex and betrayal…amongst teens. Here is basically how the story ends. Brendan decides that he is going to passively kill Donnie during a warped game of Russian Roulette that the group of friends all play. Donnie had gotten into drug dealing to deal with his parents financial issues and Brendan didn’t believe that he was fit to be a part of the group anymore. To top it off though, Donnie and Amanda were somewhat of an item and after Donnie broke it off, Brendan was the one that Amanda turned too (sloppy seconds, you know how it is). The creepy part of the episode was that Brendan planned out the entire thing: he loaded the typically empty gun with a bullet and then passed it to Max, who ended up kililng Donnie; he then developed an alibi by having Amanda tape the killing and saving it on his phone; he kills Max by faking a suicide.

But in the midst of all this depressing teen angst, Castle and Beckett have some entertaining banter and Castle continues to be as engaging and hilarious as he was in episode 1. Just like the other shows I watch on Monday, I cannot wait for their next episode next week.

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On Monday: Dancing with the Stars & Castle

This week Heroes and Chuck took a little break so Dancing with the Stars and Castle were the only shows to really watch.

Dancing with the StarsEp. “Salsa & Quickstep”

I don’t normally watch this show but I thought I would try to so that I could add a new show to the blog and continue providing good material to the readers. I thought I would be able to write about the drama between the judges, about the contestants and their performances, about who was eliminated; however, after watching two shows, I honestly have nothing to say. I mean Bruno Tonioli is an absolute tool, but other than that…nothing. I am now amazed at how serious people are about it and how much the producers try to find drama to talk about. I am unsure if I will continue with this one.

CastleEp. “Nanny McDead”

I must say, I LOVE THIS SHOW! I think the concept is great, the acting is strong and the characters are witty and personable. I am glad that ABC was able to create another strong drama/comedy to add to their primetime lineup.

One of the other things I love about the show is the writer/storyteller aspect of the plot. Not often do you get to see the “craft” so well portrayed on TV as well as the strong power of the spoken word. The scene where Castle weaves a story around the tennant in Apartment 8B and how he could be the murderer was one of the major highlights of all television in recent weeks.

In the end, it was the friend who killed the nanny because she was sleeping with the husband on the 15th floor.


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On Monday: Chuck, Heroes & Castle

So first I apologize again for delaying my commentary on these shows. The Finance final went pretty well today so taking the time away from television for a night was probably worth it, but I hope to not do that again.

ChuckEp. “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon”

So this week Chuck had to deal with the aftermath of the MI-6 Agent Cole Barker getting abducted in last week’s episode. Well, there is one perk to it for Chuck; he gets to live with Sarah until the threat is removed. Lucky bastard!

The one issue I have with this episode is that they brought Agent Barker back so quickly. I mean let the pot stew for a minute or two.  Also, there is something off with the guy; he is just too calm and too spy.” Something’s going to happen where he ends up not being who he says.

In general, the episode is about securing the safety of Chuck with Agent Barker’s knowledge of him being the Intersect as well as finding a FULCRUM scientist codenamed Perseus, the mastermind behind their attempts to rebuild the new Intersect. In the end, Perseus is killed, Chuck and Sarah don’t move in together, Agent Barker leaves, Morgan and Anna are moving in together, and we find out that Chuck is trying to find a way to remove the Intersect from his head. He has a new lead…ORION

Last thing, did anyone realize the great Karate Kid quote they used throughout the epsidoe?…”Sweep the leg!”


Ep. “Chapter Six: Shades of Gray”

So here’s the lowdown. Clair takes on a cover job at a comic book store so that they can then help the “rebel.” But by the end of the episode, her “free pass” expires and the forces of the government go to take her; however, in a surprising twist, Nathan flies to California and saves her.

The majority of the episode revolved around Nathan and Sylar.

Nathan’s plot dealt with him trying to oust Danko, who straps explosives to Matt Parkman’s body and puts him outside of the US Capital Building. Nathan comes to help Matt disarm the bomb and the “fallout” is what instigate the rest of the episode. It was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back in the Nathan-Danko conflict.

So the strange part about the bomb scene was this. It was obvioulsy supposed to be a high tension situation (drugged Matt Parkman, explosives, Washington D.C., Nathan, impending death of two “heroes”); however, for some reason I really didn’t care. I was watching it and usually a scene like that would have my heart racing to see how it ends, but in this case, I was just like “whatev.” It is an issue that after 3 seasons of a show, I feel completely indifferent to the possible death of two of its main characters.

Sylar now finds his father, Samson Gray (played by John Glover). Now I don’t know if you are a Smallville fan, but in the episode, Samson makes a reference an epic battle between a father and a son ending in the death of the father and how it never happens that way. I am not sure if the writers realized this when they wrote it, but the funny thing about the comment is that John Glover’s last role was as Lionel Luthor in Smallville and he WAS murdered by Lex Luthor (his son) as a conclusion to an epic battle between father and son. Oh, the irony! I don’t know I thought it was hilariously ironic. The rest of their plot dealt with Sylar learning a bit more about his power and the futility of it. Also, Samson and Sylar have a fight in the house resulting in Sylar leaving his dying “father.”

That’s it for Heroes.

CastleEp. “Flowers for Your Grave”

Alright so this is the first episode of the new ABC series, Castle, and I have been eagerly anticipating this one. I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion from Firefly and the concept of this show looked awesome.

Here’s the rundown. There is a best-selling mystery novelist, Richard Castle, who is not the most law-abiding of citizens and somewhat of a chauvinist. He is dealing with writer’s block after he decided to kill off the main character of his widely successful book series. Enter Kate Beckett, a hardened, control-freak NYPD detective dedicated to her work. She is working on a case dealing with a copy-cat killer who’s reenacting the murders in Castle’s books. Castle then goes on as a consultant for the investigation while he searches for inspiration for his next book. The case is closed by the end of the episode and Castle found his inspiration…it’s Kate. Now he needs to do research.

As a private note, I thought the show, even though it is supposed to be a drama, was hilarious. The scene where Castle is playing pocker with other mystery novelists, like James Patterson, was hysterical. Also, the romantic chemistry between Castle and Beckett is going to be very interesting as the show progresses.

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