On Friday: Dollhouse

So Friday is kind of my break from TV. If you have been following me through the week, you would understand it’s a break that’s truly warranted. But even with it being my break night, I still have to watch something…

DollhouseEp. “Stage Fright”

So I like this show. I don’t love it, but I like it. I think the concept is pretty intriguing and I have historically been a Whedon fan. Buffy. Firefly. Stardust. He just seems to have a knack to write the fantastical story with a strange twist on normalcy. Dollhouse is no exception: a mysterious private company who’s contracted to provide a person to meet the clients every need; the imprinting of memories into “actives” to create the perfect product; a police investigator, Ballard, attempting to uncover the ethically-questionable organization; and an active, Echo, who might be malfunctioning slightly (which Dollhouse doesn’t like to see). It’s just strange enough.

This week, within the music industry introspective we witnessed, we were made aware that Lubov (Ballard’s informant) is actually an “active” being used by the company to throw his investigation off track. Apart from that insane plot twist, not much else happened. The “mission” of the episode, where Echo worked as a back-up singer with a bodyguard twist, was all a bit contrived and emotionally lackluster. The overarching story got a bit more complex (which I like), but apart from that, episode 3 was not the best.

The other thing I like about this show is that it is the second experimental subject of FOX’s revolutionary, “Remote-Free TV.” Its a commercial media strategy where FOX can charge companies premium prices for commercials during their more popular programming. FOX can do this because have reduced the number of spaces significantly (which also give us about 6 extra minutes of our show), but it’s just supply-and-demand bitches. Now the break is short enough that it isn’t worth the effort to reach for the remote and fast-forward through to the commercials. Genious.

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