On Saturday: Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the SeekerEp. “Revenant”

So this is kind of my guilty pleasure. I happened upon it one night at 3 in the morning and have been oddly hooked ever since. It airs at a strange time (4 pm central) on the CW so it doesn’t conflict with any of my Saturday night plans. The plot is a pretty derivative fantasy story: a small town boy is prophesied to defeat the great wizard tyrant and is joined by two companions who follow him on his quest. (Of course!)

The production value is very good. It was filmed in New Zealand so it had that whole “Lord of the Rings” feel to it. The special effects are pretty mediocre though.

This week, the “fellowship” heads to the Tomb of Kieran (a former Seeker) to hide the third piece of the Box of Orden, but while completing this task, Richard is possessed by Kieran’s spirit. After this, new light it shed on the legendary past of the former Seeker: oppression, love, hate, resentment, revenge, dishonor. Later, Kahlan’s body is possessed by Vivian (former Confessor) and Zeddicus Z’ul has to figure out how to remove the spirits from their possessed bodies and get them out of the tomb within which they are trapped.

It definitely wasn’t the most exciting episode to date, but it did put the theoretical cost of fulfilling one’s destiny into question. And make us contemplate the price of abandoning one’s duty in the pursuit of love?

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